Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weber Family

I was asked a few weeks ago by my Aunt to help her put together a family history book. I was so excited when she asked because I have been interested in old things including old photographs my entire life. I was amazed at how many old pictures she was able to put together in such a short time. It has been incredibly fulfilling to try to get to know these important individuals in my life (even though some I have never met) They still have made an impact in my life. My hope in creating this blog is to possibly find any relatives with information to continue our search for our family. I will start with this picture that is not complete. I am hoping that someone may see it and know where the original is and possibly share it with us.
These individuals are:
Lena Weber (girl standing) Robert Weber (boy standing)
Walter Weber (boy sitting) Ida Weber? (girl standing)
Charles Weber - My Great Grandfather - (young boy in a dress standing) Their grandmother Maria Weber (sitting)

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